Missouri Real Estate Commission Education Requirements

Missouri Real Estate Commission (MREC) education requirements: The MREC requires that all licensees in the state of Missouri complete 12 hours of continuing education every two years. Brokers must have their 12 hours of education completed by June 30th of even years and salespersons must have their 12 hours of education completed by September 30th of even years.If a licensee fails to complete his or her education by the renewal date, it will cause a loss of license and the licensing process must begin again.

MREC requirements are 12 continuing education hours. Three hours must be in the form of a core class and the remaining 9 hours can be in elective classes. Course providers must be MREC approved and must supply the student with a proper certificate of completion for each course. Students who complete education using an online service are not limited in daily credit hours. Students who complete education in a classroom can only receive credit for 6 hours in a 24 hour period.